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Architekti ovládania (Dokument, 2008, SK titulky)

Architects of Control - Michael Tsarion 2008 (SK Titulky)

Producent Michael Tsarion a Blue Fire Film, Architekti Ovládania: Program 1, hovorí o budúcnosti ľudstva, o islame, vymývaniu mozgov občanom, rituálnych masových vraždách, mediálnych manipuláciách, HPV očkovaní, farmaceutickom biznise...a mnohom inom...
Jim Keith, Mass Control, Mind Control and its History, Radiotronic Weaponry, Psychic Dictatorship, Mass Ritual Killings, The Men in White, Operation Cointelpro, Operation Chaos, Teen Rage, School Shootings, Media Manipulation, Sleeper Assassins, Project Monarch and MK Ultra, Operation Paperclip, Sorcery and Magic, The Cult of Dionysus, People’s Champions, Astro-Theology, The Anatomy of Thought, Tragedy: Catalyst of Change, Global Awakening, The Myth of Progress, The Global Village, The Inauthentic Life, Drugged, Medicated, and Under Control, The Deconstruction Cycle, The Rise and Fall of Civilizations, The Death of Emotion, The Posthuman World Initiated, 2012: The Age of Revealing, Civilization: Rise and Fall, Psychic Hygiene, The Sane and the Unsane.

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